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Get a professional, reliable opinion and coaching on a business, career or lifestyle decision from a seasoned pro and Ivy League educated professor. Aileen is skilled at coaching you through transitions and change, career moves, relationship choices, work/life balance and starting/ completing your own book or creative project



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Your Life Goals | Dr. Aileen
Dr. Aileen

Thank you for visiting my website and connecting with me here. My name is Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher and I am a licensed psychotherapist, college professor, life coach and author of the book The Inner Peace Diet (Penguin, 2008).I specialize in helping people get clear about their life goals and take immediate action toward their highest vision. For over twenty years, I have helped thousands of people, just like you, tap into their own inner wisdom, overcome challenges and achieve their life-long dreams.


Clear your life goals
The Inner Peace Diet

Dr. Aileen was first introduced to this ancient practice at the age of three by her paternal grandmother, yoga teacher Dolly McCabe. Dr. Aileen formally studied yoga at the Yoga Lifestyle Center in Paoli PA and Leela Mata’s Peaceful Valley Ashram. She has developed and conducted numerous training on yoga for self-care and stress reduction for health care professionals and is skilled at making yoga accessible both physically and financially for all populations. Dr. Aileen is the founder of Forgotten Families Finding Freedom, a non-profit startup that is dedicated to serving military veterans and their families who are impacted by service military-related disability and toxic exposure. Her life’s work is inspired by her father and hero, John V. McCabe, who died after a lifelong battle with five brain tumors, prostate cancer, heart disease and diabetes caused by exposure to Agent Orange during his service in the Vietnam War.

Clear Your Life Goals Now

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